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Hypnotic NLP Advanced Coaching Essentials training pilot program

Welcome to the family.

I'm, Darren Miller. That's me holding the pineapple. My other arm is wrapped around my brilliant partner in everything, Kathy.

We founded Hypnosis Coaching Academy with the purpose of serving as many people as we are able to thrive in freedom, love, and abundance. 

Our mission is spreading the word about hypnosis, NLP, and other powerful tools of transformation because this really is life-changing. 

And we're surrounded by a bunch of amazing people who, through a year+ of training, sharing, and growing together have become like family.

Would you like to join us? 

Whether you’re just starting as a coach or already have significant experience…

How satisfying would it be to know you’re using the most effective coaching tools to help just about anybody make just about any change they want?

How grateful do you imagine your clients would feel? And how much more confident could you be?

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you it is incredibly satisfying to know your skills are making a real difference in people’s lives.

The COVID lockdown sure shook things up.

Darren Miller Master Hypnosis Coach & NLP Trainer

But, you know, there’s always a silver lining.

Even though we had to shut down our school for a while, going back to coaching full-time enabled me to reimagine training from the ground up, with plenty of time to explore…

What are the most effective tools I’m using that produce the best results?

And what are the most important things you need to know to be truly successful as a coach, regardless of experience?

The answers inspired me to create Advanced Coaching Essentials (ACE) and now it's our turn to shake things up.

What sets ACE apart?

Most professional development courses start with the most basic information first because… isn’t that how everybody does it? 

Not this time.

From the first hour of this training, you’ll begin mastering the most powerful tools of transformation I’m using with great success every day in my high-end coaching practice.

Now, even a relatively inexperienced coach can start applying these tools right away because we're using a unique Hypnotic NLP approach to training.

Another big difference you’ll enjoy is the benefit of being fully supported for at least one year!

The training segment is 4 weeks of learning plus skill drill sessions designed to give you unconscious competence for these coaching skills.

Next, you get ongoing masterclasses for 11 more months to help you gain experience, build confidence, and get answers to any questions you may have along the way.

Add to that the power of strong community support and you have a complete solution for your journey to becoming the coach you truly want to be.

Learn to apply essential principles of mind

that empower you and your clients, especially while you're exploring uncharted territory.

Communicate with the unconscious mind

to transform problems at the deepest level, even without actually ‘doing’  obvious hypnosis.

Confidently take on a variety of challenges

even with a wide array of subjects that are well outside your typical areas of expertise.

Grow your own courage and confidence

and resolve your own challenges, even as you’re mastering these formidable coaching skills.

How will ACE be delivered?

This one-of-a-kind Skills Training will be delivered online by your master hypnosis coach and NLP trainer, using these advanced Hypnotic NLP coaching principles to teach you mind-blowing tools for transforming people's lives. Learn at your own pace, but with strong motivation and structure to help you build confidence to succeed.

Skill Drills are interactive practice sessions hosted Live Online at convenient times. Explore and experiment with your new Hypnotic NLP coaching skills along with your fellow students, supported by experienced hypnosis coaches as you develop experience and confidence quickly.

Monthly Masterclasses with Darren will be held Live Online at convenient times to support your learning with community discussions, Q&A sessions, and getting even more clarity for you you can use these powerful tools in your coaching. 

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We’ve received some really valuable feedback from our first group of pilot program participants, so…
We’re adjusting and finalizing the logistics of how and when we will deliver this all-new training in a way that really works for as many people as possible.
I apologize for the delay but I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it’ll be worth the wait.
In the meantime, if you want to be sure to grab one of the first spots in the program, there’s no commitment on your part and you won’t even have to pay a deposit, so…
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What do you get? 

This professional skills development course includes... 
  • Four (4) days of Live Interactive Online Hypnotic NLP Coach training.
  • Four (4) evenings of Live Interactive Online Skill Drill sessions.
  • Eleven (11) more months of masterclasses, Q&As, practice, and personal support.
Plus, in appreciation for your participation,  you also get…
  • Full Access to Video Replays of the training.
  • First access to [Hypnosis for Coaching] and [Coach Mastery] programs (details coming soon). 
  • Plus, 1 Full Year of VIP Membership Access that includes other cool surprises.

What's the investment?

12 Easy Payments

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  • Payments spread over 12 months.
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Best Value

$1000.00 USD

  • Save $200 with one payment.
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* For this Pilot Program, we’re sincerely seeking highly motivated coaches who want to be part of something special. Is this you? 

** Canadians who want to use Interac or direct bank wire for the annual option only can [ click here ].