We're Here For You

During uncertain times, it's important to support each other the best way we know how.

That's why our awesome Coaching Hypnotists are generously donating their time to help you enjoy some comforting relief. 

You will love this 1-hour guided trance meditation session! We'll connect via video chat and help you relax into deep peace and calm.

Drop in your info and we'll email you so you can book your session right away.

Take care and we'll talk to you soon, 

Darren Miller

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Hypnosis Session

Enjoy a deeply relaxing guided trance meditation session over the internet. 

This is not an offer of therapy; all sessions are for information & entertainment purposes only

Meet The Coaching Hypnotists

Allow me to introduce our awesome team. Generously donating their time so you can enjoy a beautiful mind-spa escape from this coronavirus situation is but one of many reasons I describe each and every one of them as an amazing human being. 

Kathy Pescador 

Antoine Richard 

Lina Maria Gonzalez 

John Marzano 

Jonathan Auguste 

Mike David 

By the way, they're all great Coaching Hypnotists so when you want some extra support during these challenging times, or you want to upgrade your health, wealth or happiness, they can definitely help.

What you need for your free hypnosis session:

  • A stable internet connection.
  • An open mind and the ability to follow simple instructions.
  • A reasonably quiet space so you can relax undisturbed for about an hour. 
  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or phone capable of running Zoom video chat.