Freedom is the choice. 

Love is the reason. 


I’m Darren Miller, here to serve you with hypnosis, coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and other tools of trance-formation.

Above all else, this work is about building a strong relationship with your unconscious mind, because that’s where you’ll find your true power.

Whether you want to let go of emotional baggage, change your life’s direction, or upgrade your ticket for a first-class ride, you owe it to yourself to find out...

Darren Miller Master Hypnosis Coach & Trainer

Are we a good match for working together?  

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Hypnosis for coaching


Working directly with your unconscious mind creates rapid transformation and feels amazingly good.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Neuro-Linguistic Programming adds power, focus, and structure to help you achieve lasting change.

Hypnotic NLP Coaching


Our unique toolset supports a highly personalized approach to deliver the specific results you desire.

What's your problem?

Ever wonder why it can be so hard to get yourself to do certain things that you know would be good for you?

Or why you repeatedly surrender to temptation even though you know exactly how bad it can be?

Maybe you’re confused about always feeling anxious or stressed out?

Or why that critical voice in your head never seems to stop?

So, how surprised would you be to learn that every one of these problems is actually the best solution your mind had at the time it was created?

Strange to consider, isn’t it?

And yet, we’ve had incredible success transforming these exact issues because we know that there is always a positive intention driving every unconscious behavior. 

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Hypnotic NLP Coaching & Training with Darren Miller
Sophie Maffolini

Mindfulness Leader & Best-Selling Author

Darren is an amazing coach! I have worked with him for more than three years and it has changed my life and my business. I am amazed by his knowledge and the way he helps me program my mind every session. His coaching is aligned and respectful of who I am and my values and it's the best way for me to continue growing as a person and a mindfulness leader. I feel I own my mission and purpose more every day, and my work with Darren has a lot to do with it! Thanks a thousand times and I wish to continue working and growing with you much more.

Hypnotic NLP Coaching & Training with Darren Miller
Chris Gurunlian

IFBB Champion, Top Coach & Entrepreneur

As a coach myself, I learned a lot about how to achieve beyond goals, for fitness and for life in general. It was a great experience, and I would highly recommend working with Darren, for other coaches and anyone who wants to change their life.

Hypnotic NLP Coaching & Training with Darren Miller
Sri Sothynathan

IT Project Manager 

This was my first experience with NLP and Darren, honestly, makes it super easy and really pays attention to you. He gives you techniques that click in your head so they happen automatically. It’s amazing! I definitely recommend this for everybody out there.

Hypnotic NLP Coaching & Training with Darren Miller
Lucia Di Pippo

Energy Healing Coach & Entrepreneur

Darren Miller provided me with strategies to improve every single aspect of my life... work, family, friends, and relationships, including the relationship I have with myself. This is the place to change your life for the better, easily and quickly.