Important trance-mission from the chrysalis:

Dear Friend, 

Like the caterpillar tucked away in its cocoon, we've temporarily withdrawn from the world for the time being. 

As for us here at WinVision Hypnosis Coaching Academy, we're making good use of this involuntary lockdown to reshape ourselves into a more formidable incarnation that's capable of doing even more great things than before.

While we've had to postpone all the in-person classes that were scheduled for the spring of 2020, we are responding with positive proactivity and redoubling efforts for developing some exciting new stuff. 

I can't wait for you to see our new wings. ;) 

In the meantime, our amazing team of Coaching Hypnotists are committed to helping people out the best way we know how. 

There's a lot of fear, anxiety, stress, and tension surrounding people with all of this uncertainty. 

And that makes this a perfect time for you to experience a guided trance meditation for deep relaxation... delivered to you in your home via the internet at a 100% discount. ;)

Just tap the button below so we can share this beautiful Mind-Spa experience with you. Until then...

Stay home, be well, and I'll speak with your unconscious again soon,

Darren Miller 

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